Cross of Goa

Dave and Jan Stark are fortune hunters with AvMar air charter and salvage. They are contacted by a billionaire, Claude Valdez to find the jewel encrusted Cross of Goa. This elusive ancient relic is fabled to be solid gold and taller than a man. 

An enigmatic will and log book from an ancient Portuguese pirate will lead them to fly from the South Pacific through Asia, Africa and South America. Their deadly quest reveals this sacred icon may be among looted treasures of a wartime Japanese General.

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Island in the Sky

There is gold hidden in the jungle, which aircraft salvage expert, Dave Stark, is determined to find. But others are equally determined and willing to resort to sabotage and murder to get to it first.

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Fire Cult

Gunrunning, intrigue, tribal cults and lost gold amid the erupting volcanic islands of New Guinea

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About The Author
While salvaging over thirty aircraft, RB Shaw survived two air crashes and various tribal battles, was held hostage and was later made honorary chief of a Sepik tribe.
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A high paced, dramatic and exciting adventure reminiscent of Alistair MacLean and Wilbur Smith. A well written and often thrilling novel with a heart-stopping action packed plot Australian Aviation
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Devil's Chariot
A civil war rages in Bougainville, a war of independence or a war of copper royalties?
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